Something to memorized

Yesterday, 2005.05.12, about 14:30 (CST). A BIG earthquake happens in SiChuan province in China. Magnitude 7.8. We (live in Beijing) feel the quake in our building. I feel giddy and my colleagues also. People came to the ground immediately, so did I. What the luck is I'm still alive, and what the sadness is there are more than 10k people died there at now.

Hiding under the desk? No way. The building might be collapsed. What else we can do in such HIGH building except escaping from the fire-fighting access? I could imagine the 911.
This is my first time to experience such feeling. and I feel something inside of me. Life is so strong sometimes and might be fragile either. So what the left is treasure the life of everyday.

Bless the people in the venue could pass those tough days.

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