A milestone is completed

Yesterday, I have finished building Accerciser and package it on openSUSE 10.3, Fedora 8 and Ubuntu 7.10. For me, this is the first milestone in my plan. Next, I would have a try to update the Accerciser to 1.3.1 and continue to package one or two packages as well, and start to RTFM...

Accerciser is updated to the lastest version at my home project on OBS, you could download the rpm format for Fedora 8, openSUSE 10.3 or deb for Ubuntu 7.10.


What I'm doing now.

These days, I was occupied by tons of documentations. "Maximum RPM", "RPM Guide", "Debian Policy Manual", "New Maintainers' Guide", HowTos etc. Although I've read once part of them, but I still need to start over to read again. Oh my goodness!


Time's goes on

Yesterday, our big BOSS, Ron came to office and gave a presentation to us, explained what is the Novell's position and what Novell should be: Making IT works as one.
Wonderfully speech he presented, I think that is necessary to help us to distinguish our company and those who similar with us, such as IBM, Redhat, HP etc.

For my work, I have started to build accerciser on OBS, and generate the packages on openSUSE 10.3 and Fedora 8, but encounter some problems on xUbuntu 7.10. I should spend some time to handle it. So where is the another packager? I need to cooperate with him. :)


OSC and build

Yesterday, Alex showed me some tips about building packages on OBS by using osc. It's a really fantastic tool, convenient, efficient, flexible, powerful. The usage is something familiar with SVN. So it's not very difficult for me to familiar with.

build is a set of Scripts to Build SUSE Linux RPMs. The package provides a script for building RPMs for SUSE Linux in a chroot environment. I'd like to learn it and get used to it.


Learn how to use mediawiki and my home project on OBS is opened

Recently, I try to learn how to use mediawiki to edit our home page since it was established by mediawiki. So I am surfing the web, and get some links:

another thing I do is created my own Home Project on OBS (openSUSE Build Service), and try to maintain pygtksourceview.

Hope to catch up with your guys soon.


Time to start

I have spent 2+ days to read all the Accessibility Team member's blog. It's very useful for me to understand the concepts of UIA, ATK, at-spi and something like that.
As a packager, I am keeping going to familiar with OBS (OpenSUSE Build Service) and also openSUSE (I was Ubuntu user). As a new user of openSUSE, there is a little bit intolerant about the software management, which is the part of YAST2. When I change a little, it configure everything for me! This might takes me many days to get known to openSUSE and its philosophy, but I believe it's worthy to doing that .


Hey, I'm coming

Hey everyone, So glad to join in Novell. From my high-schoolhood (Ok, who cares), I've heard about Novell a lot(Netware... oops, completely forgot how to build a Netware network). This is a new stage in my life.

So, come on Ray!