Great GNOME.Asia summit

Last Sat and Sun (18, 19 Oct, 2008), We BLUG, Sun and other organizations held GNOME.Asia summit which is awesome. More than 300 people attend such big event. there are many topics that I was very interested in on the schedule. And also, I met many famous people, such as Stormy Peter, Brian Cameron and Willie Walker etc.

I have talked to Willie who works on Accessibility for almost around 20 years. From the talk, I can feel that he is really a nice man, and devote himself into a11y for such a long time, and I understand it's very difficult to keep focusing on one thing, but he did.

Two people I have to mention, Pockey Lam and Emily Chen, without these two girls, we won't have GNOME.Asia summit. Most jobs have done by them including fantastic closing celebration. I'd like to give them my biggest thanks and regards to these girils.

Let me show you some pictures, I think that means more than the words.

(Stomy Peter)
(Brian Cameron)
(Brian Cameron)
(Brian Cameron)
(Li Yuan, atk and at-spi maintainer)
(Willie and me, ok, i admit i'm a bit fat now)
(Willie is giving presentation about orca)(his desktop)(his laptop)(Jon Phillips, giving lightning talk)
more pictures could be found here.